advice about buying psu for gtx 650 ti boost oc.

hey all i have gtx 650 ti boost oc and core 2 duo e7400 2.8ghz but the problem is i want to upgrade my psu from 350 watt so that i can work with graphic card so i am seeking advice about psu?
will this psu deliver enough power for the rig?
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    This one is much better -

    The VS series isn't good at all , its only good for wasting money. The CX series on the other hand is much more reliable and you will not face any issues ( like stability issues , awkward sounds from the PSU , etc ) which you might if you use the VS series. Also one tip is that if you are looking for Flipkart's 30 Day Replacement Guarantee , get the product from the seller "WS Retail" They are the actual Flipkart sellers and have the 30DayReplacement guarantee. Also if anyones answer helps you , please mark it as the best answer ( option in the lower right side of the post )
  2. thanxxx and i want to ask if this psu will be enough for my rig if i overclock my processor ???
  3. Yeah , 100% fine. BTW whats the rest of the rig , it might help me to determine exact wattage required and what to suggest. Anyways , here's a 600W CX , just in case if you want to OC the CPU and GPU to their limits -
    And thanks for the best answer , it helps a lot ;)
  4. no problem :)
    my rest of the system is
    motherboard- ga-g41m combo
    processor- core 2 duo e7400
    harddisk- seagate 500gb
    DVD writer- LG DVD writer
    2 Fans
    i dont think i am forgetting anything else..!!
  5. Sorry for the late reply , was working. Yeah 500W is good for that. Unless you want to OC really hard ( 4.5GHz+ )
  6. no i just wanted to overclock around 3.5ghz. so i am finally buying cx 500.
    thanxx alot :)
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