upgrading from AM2 to AM3+

I have a Athlon II x4 450 on a AM2 mobo. Can i buy a AM3+ and DDR3 Memory and use the same processor and just swap them?
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  1. Check the mobo CPU support list
  2. they support athlon II cpus but my question is will there be any issue with just swapping the parts out like will i have to reinstall my os and wipe my hard drive?
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    With Win7 should be able to do it fine, just boot into your old HD and Win will look things over, and load it's drivers, then you need to update BIOS and drivers from the mobo site, then run a regisrty cleaner like Wise...will prob have to re-validate Win which is no big deal, there's been about 20 folks or more here on the forums go through this in the last 5-6 weeks since I joined with no problems
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