Computer Freezes after being left idle while downloading

My computer seems to freeze whenever I leave it idle while downloading something whether it be downloading a game or updating it. No BSOD just a full on freeze and I have to do a Hard reboot. Anyone have advice?

System specs:

intel core i3 3220
EVGA gtx 660
GSkill 2X4 GB ram
Seagate barracuda 1tb
Asus B75m-a Mobo
Coolermaster Extreme 2 625w PSU
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    I would first check to see if you have some program or process designed to activate after a certain amount of idle time. This would likely be the case if it happens at the same time after no mouse or keyboard input, like a screen saver. Also, programs like an anti-virus may be set to scan during idle periods. Keep track of the time it takes for the computer to freeze after a lack of input.
  2. have you tested your power supply?....try that and see what happens
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