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HP dv8000 on xp sp3, keeps resetting bios to defaults after shutdown and removing ac power cable. Laptop Battery is not holding charge, battery light keeps flickering. Replaced Bios battery and latest HP Bios upgrade. Have installed 2 (same) 320GB Fujitsu HDD, removed sata from bios as I loaded XP and it wouldn't recognise HDD on setup. Still won't recognise the 2nd HDD in windows. Recognised in Bios and Boot though. In order to get system to boot after installing second HDD, had to put boot HDD to second slot? Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks
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    Any possibility you didn't put CMOS jumper back in standard position after a CMOS clear? Your 2nd HD is probably not formatted. The first is done automatically with Windows install. Go to "Disk Manager" in Windows ( use search) and you will see 2nd HD. Right click in 2nd HD rectangle and choose Format. Once both drives are formatted, go to BIOS and make sure only HD with OS is in boot order. Optical Drive> USB > HD(OS)
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