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Ok, I have an asus evo m5a97 board, with an AMD FX-8120 cpu. I have been using the AI Suite that asus provides to monitor the system (heat, voltages, fans). My central air broke last week and the weather has been hot, I started getting warnings that my cpu was over the 65C threshold. It was freaking me out, I didn't want to fry my chip so I stopped playing games for a few days. Then I downloaded the AMD Overdrive utility & it shows all my cores are fine. The temp in overdrive that matches the one the Asus program said was my cpu was too high says TMPIN1. What is TMPIN1 and should I be alarmed if it reaches 65C?

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    Looks like its the core temps you need to be watching TMPIN is probably a sensor around the chipset area?

    Says the max operating temp for your cpu is 61C.

    You could also try HWMonitor to check your temps, or download and run OCCT, it will stress test and give you core temps under load.
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