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HI all. I am looking for a FREE (at least as a time limited demo) recovery software that will enable me to find and recover a few deleted .rar files.
Most standard once cant seam to handle that, for example Pandora recovery only sees the files and thinks they are in a corrupted folder but the files are 0% corrupted, so it recovers it. BUT the recovered file is unusable, since it was in fact in a rar file.

The software recovermyfiles seams to find them with the proper address and seams to be searching rather in detail, but it is not free and to actually save a file its required to buy it, which is pretty steep at 70$.

So does anyone know of a few good and thorough recovery software that can handle archived .rar files?

Thx guys.
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  1. thx first of all.

    Well I have tried recuva already and it is not enough.
    And easeus completely freezes my computer upon use, so that's a no go.

    An additional detail I might add is that these archives were password protected so just recovering the files in them wont do, I need to recover the whole thing so that I can unrar it in the standard way.
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  3. great little tool thank you. It goes to show that open-wares are the best :)

    I knew I would find what I looked for in this forum :D
  4. Sadly it seams I was mistaken. I could recover some files, but the files that were archived still only appear individually, the original .rar file is still nowhere to be found, hence I can not recover the files (since the original files are not actually say .txt files, they are archived .txt files and hence not readable. zpping and unzipping obviously does not resolve it, nor does opening them as if they were zip files.


    Oh well its not THAT important, but if anyone has any good ideas it would be nice :) Other then that, NVM.
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