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I'm going to be building a pc soon and was looking at this motherboard, my question is more directed towards the audio portion, I'm getting a pair of Astro A40's w/mixamp and was wondering if the onboard audio would do the job, or if I would need a sound card?

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  1. id first of all would like to know the rest of the rigs components.

    the onboard sound would do the job, but generally id rather get a sound card than pay an extra 100 on a board that doesnt perform better but has a enhanced realtek sound solution
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    thats a pretty messed up build there. fixed

    -added overclocking and a SSD
    -there is absolutely no reason to get 16gb of ram or a titan for a gaming rig. a titan is just stupid
    -this motherboard has onboard sound that is good enough for the astro a40. it is a bit better than what asus offers and is pretty much the best in terms of onboard sound
    -windows pro is also not needed
  3. Thanks man, but I built it around the premises of it being a titan build, in no way would I waste that much money on that, but the board is something that I quite frequently pick out as it's suppose to be and enthusiast board, while I do appreciate your recommendation I was just simply trying to see if the motherboards sound is good enough or if I would need a sound card as I do appreciate high quality sounds, especially when it comes to the audio coming directly into my ears, thanks though, I will look into that board that you put up. :P
  4. there is like a 5% difference between the titan and 780 and is 35% cheaper. for the record as well, you are stuck with a crappy reference pcb on the titan due to the fact that nvidia will not allow for custom designs
  5. its comparable to the 670 and the 680. there was practically no difference between the 2 in performance, yet the 680 costs 100 extra dollars
  6. Ah, yea I kinda figured there wouldn't be much difference between the titan and the 780, but I was trying to see if I could do a build for it and keep it under 3k, I dunno why I just enjoy picking out pc parts, but I do plan on getting a 780 when I build a computer (hopefully soon) due to the fact that it is pretty powerful, more so than my 650 Ti.
  7. there was really no point of getting a 650ti in the first place when you are upgrading within a generation. the idea is that you upgrade every 3 to 5 years
  8. Oh no, if I was doing a custom build then I wouldn't of, but I was on a budget and bought a pre-built and installed a 650 Ti, which at the time seem cost effective due to it serving it's purpose for the time being.
  9. your original custom build wasnt even really custom given the ridiculous video card and the locked CPU which made no sense. id suggest sticking to what i recommended to get a balanced system
  10. Well it is a personal preference thing, as I do enjoy windows 8 because I have it and have had time to use it, and I see no point in overclocking as I don't do it out of fear that I might overheat my cpu.
  11. overheating is not the problem. pumping too many volts into the CPU than necessary is the problem. overclocking isnt going to increase your performance a whole lot but the same goes to the GPU. if you are going to spend 400 dollars more for something that is barely better, why cant you do it for the CPU?
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