Is this a good rig for about $800?

I am a new PC builder, and I feel that I am ready to begin buying. Before I buy though, I want to get some feedback from other builders on my $800 rig. So please, take the time and review my rig.
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    I see two changes you might want to make and to keep the price still around 800 you can probably only do one.
    I would get the AMD FX8320 cpu and step up to the full 8 cores; it's only $40 more.
    Increase the size and speed of your harddrive to one of these; that 250GB drive will fill up pretty fast.

    Even without the suggested changes, it should be a fine rig. Last for several years.
  2. I would increase the budget just a little bit and get these parts.
  3. will definitely change the cpu
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