HP Laser P1102 wont print

Hi to all at Toms hardware..

Phew.. this is gonna be long..
I have tried everything.. at wits end.

Ok.. Im running xp pro svs pack 3
i have 2 printers.. both HP laserjets.
One is old 6L model and has a paper feed problem.. hence I went out and bought the new HP P1102

This is NOT a wifi printer its ONLY USB cable. It has a NEW cable that I am using.

So.. For starters.. the Auto install program embedded in the printer does NOT install the printer.. NOR WILL the CD that came with it.

The error message says

"Item not found in Inf"

Meaning HP have not included a file I need??

No problem.. I went to install printer and pointed it to the drivers on the CD.. and it installed fine.

BUT it would not print.. I searched all over the net and tried all manner of things..I came across a site that explained POOLING.. this is where you assign more than one Port to the printer. That fixed it.. and it was off and running.

I went home and rested my fried brain for a day..

Two days later.. it stopped for no apparent reason..
So.. I tried installing it on my laptop.. again the Install prg didnt work, so I went through the same procedure.. and wallah... it works fine
So the Printer is definatly ok.. the cable is ok.

Now.. going back to my office machine.. i reconnected the old laser 6.. and plugged it into the same USB port 001

It works just fine. ( apart from mechanical fault causing paper jam)

So the USB port is ok.
the Spooler is running and set to automatic

This is weird.. I can print to the old 6L.. but not to the new P1102.

Yes i have un installed and re installed a few times.. even in safe mode..

When I print a document.. the print box shows the job.. but NO Status.. ie.. no error.. no "Printing" No Document failed to print message.. Zip..

Pahleeeeze... what can i do.

you are welcome to log on to my machine on the net if thats gonna help.

I have several screenshots if you want.

looking forward to solving this headache..

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    Had a Friend with hp all in one that did the same thing. It was damaged hp software that stopped his printer from printing .i got his working again by removing all of the hp software. Then rebooting and installing the software again.
  2. Hmm

    Well I just downloaded all the latest 2013 Drivers for this printer.. as well as the HP Diagnostic tool and a Firmware upgrade,,

    The Driver Update installed 100% ok
    The Diagnostic gave very little info.. but i see something interesting.. The printer that DOES work is shown as installed on a network ( NOT WIFI) so must be local NW.?
    The HP1102 that doesnt print is shown as on USB.
    But wait.. theres more..

    The Firmware Update.. unpacked.. scanned for hardware and said the HP1102 IS NOT on a USB Port.

    Thats strange... especially as when i un plug and re plug..Windows goes DONG DONG.. to verify the action... Also when i plug it in.. many times the Auto Install program screen pops up... this is embedded in the printer.. so it must be online??

    any clues here.. how do I shift the Install to network.. maybe thats the answer?

    I also have a program here to completely remove all Printer drivers.. what do you recommend..??

  3. Two things remove the hp software for both printers. On your new printer if there a wifi card in it use the printer set up screen and turn it off.
  4. And....... ?
  5. Then rerun new printer install software again.
  6. smorizio said:
    Then rerun new printer install software again.

    As explained.. the HP Installer does not work... It installs DotNet 2

    ( why.. when I already have Dotnet 4 installed ??)

    After that it starts installing Drivers.. then a Error box pops up..
    " The required section not found in Inf"
    End of story.. Same goes for a manual install from the CD.

    The only way i can install it.. is to ADD PRINTER.. and use the Have Disk option... point the installer to the files on the CD.. THEN it installs... and I must add.. IT DID WORK.. but now its stopped..
    Also I have updated all drivers to latest 2013.. so ???

    Please someone who knows Printers reply to this thread.

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