Installing New HDD what about drivers ect MoBo disc?

I want to install a new hdd I know I'l have to install new os but what about drivers from gpu set up disc and set up disc that came with MoBo? GPU GTX660 MoBo Asrock z77 extreme4 have a wd blue 1tb replace with caviar black 1 tb
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  1. Get the drivers from the internet - they'll most likely be newer and better. Check the MB manufacturer's page, and Nvidia for the GPU drivers.
  2. So nothing off the installation cd's gets installed on the MoBo right? This was my first build and i'm not that savvy about software, still in that learning curve. And actually about hardware as well assembly was simple a youtube video and screwdriver. Then i read the black is better for gaming than the blue so want os and games on it wipe/reformat blue as second hdd for more redundant storage and less used programs.
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    You may need to install a few drivers. Mainly chipset and network card drivers if needed. Otherwise check the manufacturer's website for the latest drivers. If you install from the disk, you can upgrade to the drivers from the web.
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