is CPU ever go bad?help. my temp ain't reduce.

Hello guys, what's up :D

well, i got core2duo e8400 3.0ghz
when in stock my temp is around 56c. when i bought brand new cooler master t2 blizz. it just reduce 1c :(( so dissappointed. from 56c to 55c. :(( what is that. its expensive here. then nothing change. so sad. is it my core2duo problem?
do i need to buy new cpu? thanks for ur answer
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  1. Did you install your cooler properly? The push pin should be pushed properly and sealed properly. Thermal paste should not be too much.
  2. can i remove it and install again without changing thermal paste. i just recently applied it. same with cooler
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    So you put a thermal paste both on your CPU cooler and cpu? Did you lock it tight? I think you only need to put a small pea on your cpu and you're done.
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