Sony LCD TV Screen displays picture for one second, then goes blank

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would possibly know the solution to my broken Sony LCD TV.

When I turn on the TV screen, the screen displays for about a second, and then it goes blank. Here is a video of my TV doing this:

Notice how the display actually shows for about a second, then all of a sudeen the screen goes "blank."

A few things:

-When the screen goes blank, it’s actually not “off.” The green light is still on, and when I play around with scrolling with the channels using the remote, when I turn it off and turn it back on, I see that the channels change. So clearly, the TV still accepts input from my remote on the TV buttons itself. But it’s just the display that’s not displaying correctly:

-This problem occurred right before I connected the Playstation 3 HDMI cable to the TV. I’m not sure but the PS3 could have possibly messed up the settings

-Here is more information about the TV, the model number and stuff:

Model number: Sony KDL-32ML130

Part Number:0027242719989


TV type LCD TV
Screen size 32.0 in
Viewing angle 178 degrees
Viewing angle (vertical) 178 degrees


Technology TFT active matrix
Native resolution 1366 x 768
Resolution 720p
Aspect ratio 16:9
Response time (ms) 8.0 ms
Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling)
Widescreen Widescreen
Widescreen modes Full,
Contrast ratio 1000:1

TV Tuner

TV tuner presence Yes
HDTV Tuner Yes
Tuner qty 1x analog/digital combo
Digital TV tuner ATSC
Secondary audio program (SAP) Yes


HDMI ports qty 2.0
PC interface VGA (HD-15)
Video interface HDMI,

Remote Control

Type Remote control
Second remote control type None

Stands & Mounts

Stand included Included
Stand design Tabletop


Power device Power supply - Internal

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions (WxDxH) - Without stand
Weight 24.3 lbs


ENERGY STAR Qualified Yes

Anyone know the solution or what the actual problem is? Hopefully I can fix it. I’ve tried resetting the TV to default settings, but that didn’t work. I also tried calling Sony, but they couldn’t find a solution and they suggested to get someone to look at it, but I’m sure it would far too much money for an expensive repair. If I can’t find a solution, then I’ll most likely just buy a new LED/LCD TV, because it’s cheaper than repairing this one.
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    see if this works at all, its a factory reset on sony tv's

    With Remote
    Step 1

    Press the "Power" button on your set's remote control. Wait a few seconds for the picture to appear.
    Step 2

    Press and hold the up arrow on the remote control. This button is located close to the middle of the remote surrounding the "Enter" button. Simultaneously press and hold the "Power" button.
    Step 3

    Continue to press and hold the "Power" and up-arrow buttons while the television turns itself off and then back on. Release the buttons after the set reboots.
    Without a Remote
    Step 1

    Press the "Power" button on the right side of the television. Wait a few seconds for the set to boot.
    Step 2

    Press the "Menu" button on the right side. Press the volume-up button to scroll left.
    Step 3

    Press the channel-down button to scroll down to the "Initial Setup" option. Press the "Menu" button twice to select and confirm this option.
  2. Is this a new tv? If so returning it is a good idea.
    Assuming its not, when you plugged in anything into it, did it automaticly identify it and cahnged the input?
    Can you hear the low pitch HUM coming out from the TV, or is it dead silent?

    Personally the first thing that pops to mind is that the input chooser is broken. The TV shows the sony logo. That means it can show things, just dosent have what to show. Have tyou tried pluging in and out diferent devices to test if the TV responds? A good idea would be to test with a PC/Laptop to see if the Laptop can identify the TV as a device or if it dosent detect anything at all.

    I actually had that problem with a sony TV when i tried to connect a Laptop to the TV, and then had to force the TV to work throught the Laptop. OFC you cant do that on the Playstation, but you probably can make it work if you can use a laptop for that.
    You will need to enter the catalyst control center or the nvidia panel, and search for screens. Then change the SOny TV as primary screen and it should work ok from there.
  3. I have the same problem with mine and have no remote. When I try following the instructions for reboot, when the menu screen shows, it only flashes and immediately goes off, not giving me time to change any selection, or even see what they were. Can someone help with this?
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