x990 i7 Extreme vs Haswell 4770k

This seems wierd to me, but I can actually make money by upgrading my computer. I have an Asus Rampage III Extreme Black Edition with and i7 Extreme (x990) CPU.

I can sell my MB for several hundred dollars on eBay and my CPU for around $700+ still. Not to mention selling my Ram for another $100. I'd make a least $1000 and probably more like $1200 selling it off like that.

Now I can get a new high-end MB, RAM, and the Haswell 4770K for less than $800 online.

I know that with multi-threaded applications the x990 is still better, but the 4770k is better for single threaded tasks. I mostly play graphics intensive games, so should I upgrade my MB/CPU/RAM?

P.S. I've already upgraded my GPU to two OC 4GB VRAM GTX 770's in SLI. Money is not too much of an issue, but it just seems wierd that I could make money by upgrading.
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    Wait for haswell-e series of processors and boards it will be wrth waiting and a great upgrade
    It is arnd a year in launching haswell e
    And also it would be ddr4 in that series

    But if you want to upgrade now just wait a liltle for ivy brigde e which will launch this year

    I wud appreciate best answer if u give best answer marking if u found thi helpfull
  2. I'll have to look up the haswell-e series. Thanks, I'll wait. DDR4 would also be a huge upgrade!
  3. Yeah wud b a great buy n a great sys
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