PCIE 16x vs 8x with GF GTX 760

I am planning to buy:
Intel Core i5-3350P
PALIT GF GTX 760 JetStream

And there goes my question:
I also have SoundBlaster Z card, which is designed for PCIEx1 slot. The only x1 PCIE slot on this motherboard is situated in a place, where the soundcard could cover the pins for the front panel, usb panel etc. Therefore I am planning to use the second PCIE x16 slot for the soundblaster. Will this bottleneck my GPU? I've heard that when you use the second x16 slot the first one (actually both of them) starts to work in a x8 mode. Will this be enough for GTX 760 to fully spread it's wings? Thanks in advance for your help. :)
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  1. to be honest drop the friggin sound card instead of switching the gpu lol it will lose some of the performance.
    unless you need the sound card for professional applications there is absolutely no need!
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    since you gave a cpu/gpu capable of pci-e 3.0

    x8 and x16 would have absolutely no difference.

    Even if it did, it wouldn't be more than 1% for gaming.

    but in your case, there is no difference between a pci express 2.0 x16 and pci express 3.0 x8
    gtx760 isn't that bandwidth hungry card anyway. Also for reference, I have my gtx670 hooked to a x8 slot to make room for extra fans. No performance deterioration whatsoever in every benchmarks
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