Crysis 3 on 32-bit Windows 7 ?

hey gaming experts well I am myself a gamer but.....

okay se guys i wanna run crysis 3
i just wanna know
asus p8z77
i5 3570k
gtx 780

will I be able to run crysis 3 on this 32-bit windows and these specs
i will surely upgrade to 64-bit but pls answer :)
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  1. it will run just fine. only your memories will be limited to 4gig's.. dont be worried.
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    It would be better to upgrade to 64bit windows anyway since half your memory limit is going to be used merely by your gtx 780.
  3. mauller07 brings up a good point.
    ... You did not specify amount of RAM, I'm quessing 4 gigs (2 x 2). A) you need to have 2 matched sets to run in daul mode as running single channel does decrease performance some (Not a Big hit, tha is does not cut memory performance in half).
    ... max available ram for a 32 bit OS is 4 gigs: However; that includes Physical am PLUS all other MIMOs such as VRAM, Address allocated to sound, even a small amount is subtracted for DOS. Looks like your VRAM is 3 Gigs, but VRAM does not subtact 1 for 1, My best GUESS is you will have about 2.5 gigs of 4 gigs available.

    ... Bottom line is Try it, if OK then all is well, if NOT that upgrade to 64 bit needs to be sooner rather than later - LOLs.
  4. guys !!!!!

    how about far cry 3 on 32 bit with gtx 780 , asus maximus V formula and i5 3570k ?
    at 1600 x 9000 resoltion ?
  5. still go with 64 bit windows.
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