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Hi.I have a star micronics 100U/143U.It's an USB printer,i succesfully developed an android app that prints to it thru a direct USB cable.The printer supports android.
What i want to do next is to try and connect to that printer thru a wireless network.Something like connecting the printer to a device that transforms the USB into an IP.There are Star Micronics printers that connect wirelessly.In the Android SDK you can access the printer either by using "USB:" or using "TCP:ipHere".

What device do i need to achieve this ? To be able to transform that USB: to an IP.

I've thought about the following :
1. connecting the printer to a router with an USB port but i don't know if that router will give an IP to my USB printer.
2. connecting the printer to a USB-LAN adapter or to something like this that transforms my printer into a wireless network ?

Also,my printer doesn't send current thru USB.
Is there any solution to my problem ?
Thanks in advance !
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    You are looking for a Print Server. Haven't used one in about 5 years.
    This lists both wired and wireless.

    Cheapest solution though is to hook up the printer via USB to a computer and share it, making the PC a print server.
    The printer server will have an IP and allow access to printing via that IP.
    EG: tcp:\\\VritalPrinterInstance
    Depending on the server software and configuration you use, like Linux and CUPS.

    Linux/CUPS Instructions:

    Windows instruction:

    See also:

    I use a CUPS printer server via Samba for my work. Simple one click driver installs after configuring it etc.

    Some routers also support print servers such as the ASUS RT-N16 -

    No clue on drivers for the printer working with the phone however.
    I assume your app handles that or you are feeding PS or Raw data to the printer.
  2. please can you give me your code to print via usb in android?
    i have bluetooth printer share code.

    I need help.

    please send me simple demo project of code to my mail id.
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