CPU Cooler doesn't fit?


I have a ASRock N68-VS3 FX motherboard I decided to put a CPU in yesterday and I can't seem to figure out how to install the CPU heatsink / fan.

I googled the board and saw pictures of other peoples cpu coolers in.

I'm trying to fit the cpu cooler that came with the FX-6100.
This is what the board looks like:

There weren't any adapters or add-ons either.

Any help appriciated. :??:
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  1. Can you google and fing ur cpu cooler pls. :) and then i will see what i can do !

    2 clips and fan connection , easy to install.
  3. This is what originally cme with it. (Was a prebuilt from HP)
  4. Don't you have the new one?Use it takes to seconds to install , don't forget the thermal paste.
  5. Nope, the 4 pin square one fit on the old board. Guess i'm stuck with buying a cooler?
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    this should be the stock fan for the 6100

    The silver arm that hangs down should hook on the blue tabs between the two round white dots. There also should have been a manual that came with the cpu to show how to install the fan if its the stock fan. If its an aftermarket fan you will have to take out the 4 white dots and remove the blue ring around the cpu. there will be a backer plate on the backside of the MB and the heatsink will be bolted through the MB in to the backer plate.

    AMD CPU Fan and Heatsink for AMD FX Processors
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