Asus or Lenovo?

Looking at these two computers which is better? Mostly will be used for some gaming and General computer use.

Asus CM1855-US003S Desktop $799.99
Cpu AMD FX-8300
Ram 16GB DDR3
Video Card Radeon HD7770
Storage 1TB SATA
Power 300 W Power adaptor
OS windows 8

Lenovo K450-57315521 Desktop $979.99
Cpu i7-4770
Ram 12GB DDR3
Video Card Nvidia GeForce GTX650 2GB
Storage 2TB SATA
Power --
OS Windows 8
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  1. lenovo ofcourse... its not even open for debate!

    its just I hate the brand but the build is solid...
  2. build your own. lenovo is back ordered up the @ss if you are doing a custom build. we ordered 6 identical custom builds 3 weeks ago and its still saying it could be up to another 30 days. i could have build all 6 by myself if 3 days with better parts but my work didnt want me to since our client wanted brand name computers.

    plus all of them use crappy mobos and power supplies to cut costs on the pre build/build your own stuff
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