Looking for help debugging computer crashes, get memtest86+ errors

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to ask my question because I'm not sure if my memory is the problem or something else.

I'm my computer regularly crashes and I'm trying to figure out what's going wrong. I know it's a hardware problem because I dual boot between FreeBSD and Windows 7 and experience freezes in both. I often get blue screens in Windows like this

When the computer crashes it often won't boot again for some hours (or sometimes after a few turn off/ons, it seems random). It follows this pattern when it doesn't boot: turn power on, fans spin up etc. but before it posts or shows any output to the screen it turns off again, it then turns on again by itself and from there it stays powered but does not provide any output/input. I have to manually turn it off by holding down the power switch. This makes me suspect it may be an overheating problems with one of the components.

I ran memtest86+ with all 4 (identical) sticks and got these errors after some hours:

After running memtest86+ I replaced the RAM with different sticks and it still would not boot which makes me wonder if it's a memory problem after all.

What can I do to pinpoint the problem? Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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    Well your first picture shows part of your video card driver failing, and memtest isn't looking too good. The other symptoms about it not being able to turn it on immediately after a crash is pretty telling.

    I would say you are having a power problem. What model of powersupply do you have and how old is it?
  2. What mobo and say 4 individual sticks so guessing from different packages Yes/NO? What are the model #s of the sticks?
  3. Have you checked the PSU with a PSU tester to make sure you are getting the right voltage? If you have a spare PC with a similar PSU test it out with the problematic PC if you do not have a tester. Those that are old school would know how to test it with a volt meter, but for those that like toys a PSU tester does the same. Also have you checked the minidump file from the BSOD?
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