Air or watercooling? Closed or open?

I have a Megahalem Rev C cooler which is a beast in its own right, which keeps my OC 3770k at 4.3ghz (Not all it potential but modest)

but looking at watercooling? ive had a h80 before and now have a bigger case so could accommodate something bigger,

Custom loop or closed loop?
or just stay with my Megahalem?
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    your Megahalem is sufficient.

    An H80 might be slightly more efficient than ur Megahalem, but probably not by too much.

    if you want a closed loop, an H100i will be better or H110, but you really don't need that. If you want something that expensive, just try out open loop liquid cooling if you're that curious.

    but honestly, ur fine just staying with the Megahalem
  2. The best option to you is an all in one h100i with two more fans n u ll love the performance n temp drops u ll have
  3. Cost/Performance ratio is always in favor of air cooling.

    h80i is about as good as a mid-high air cooler, and twice the cost. Great for ITX builds though.

    h100i is considered an excellent cooler, but for $60-80 you can buy an air cooler that performs just as well. (There are of course equivalents from antec etc for closed loop coolers, but they all pretty much use the same manufacturer/design)

    Open loop is the most expensive, and most effective. But requires maintenance and you have a greater risk of leaks.
  4. Blindfold ur eyes n buy h100i with support of controllin the fans through crossairlink2 even the pump and the led on the cpu block
  5. well i was looking at getting another 670gtx and watercooling them to give them a longer life than if they were air cooled, and if i was going to do that the cpu seemed the best option to make it worth while,

    or should i just go with the gpus only??
  6. Look then u have to get a custom water cooler set up that would be combersome plus risky there are many companies sellin parts for it like xspc,koolance,swiftech,bitspower etc it ll cost u much more but excellent results
    Just make a check on all tubings and fitting sixe
  7. has anyone got watercooled 670gtxs? and well if im going to go down this road do i just do the gpus or cpu as well??
  8. Do the cpu as well for stable overclocking
  9. You'v already got yourself a high end air heatsink, getting a CLC option wont really net you much extra performance over what you have.
    I suggest you go into a custom water, especially as your considering putting GPU's under water. Its expensive, but your going to get the best possible cooling results until your chilling the water.

    I recommend you start researching here. It will give you an idea of how everything works, you might need to read a few times to properly get it.
    From there, a more practical demonstration like this will help show you how its actually done.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  10. I dont think installing it will be a problem just finding the correct parts to install it,
    would i see a decrease from the Jetstream air cooler already on the card? I think the GPU is the part im most concerned about, the pcu doesnt go over 75 on prime 95 as it is,
  11. No u wud not the liquid coolinf system will have great performance
    Just get a custom kit n blocks
  12. GPU's benefit a fair deal from water-cooling, much more so than CPU's. My 7970 never goes above 40°C under load.
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