From 6gb to 24gb of memory, how to maintain my CPU OC?


I upgraded from 3 x 2gb to 3 x 8gb. Both were ddr3 1600.

What should I be looking to tweak in my bios? Right now I black screen on boot with my current OC settings.

If it matters I'm running an i7 930 at 4ghz on an Asus p6x58d premium mobo, 950w ps

I appreciate your help,
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  1. likely a vtt volts issue, may need to increase ram voltage to make em play nice. Also possibility of loosening ram timings a bit. Are the new chips identical to the old?
  2. its been a while since I played with my 950 but if I remember right you need to up the qpi voltage by a hair, try somewhere around 1.35 to 1.37, don't go any higher then 1.4v

    What are the rest of your setting and voltages that you have set to get your 930 to 4ghz?
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