GPU not working correctly after installing windows 8.


I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 with 6gb Ram, Nvidia Geforce 525m GT 2gb memory. I have been having a real bad issue with the GPU.

I am sure all my drivers are upgraded and I have the latest Direct X. The problem is that when I run the latest games on my laptop it always displays an error about the Direct X. It says that my GPU does not support Direct X 11 but I am pretty sure it does because I used to run the same games in Windows 7 without a single problem from the GPU.

e.g I just installed Crysis 3 on windows 8, I ran it and it showed that my GPU does not support Direct X 11. But I used to play the same game in Windows 7 without a difficulty and with the same specs. The same is with other heavy games that use Direct X 10 or 11 (of course they show different errors but all point to the same problem.) It's been quite the headache and I have looked everywhere.

I checked my Dxdiag and it showed that Direct X 11 was installed. I also checked the Nvidia Control panel and it also showed that the latest Direct X was present. Please I will be very thankful if somebody helps me with this problem, I am sure I am not the only one. I would be very grateful if the Dell community would give this matter some attention.

Thank You
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    Not good, you are not alone :
    Direct 11.1 comes with win-8 but each game needs the 1st time set up net.framework.
    They suggest reinstall the games? I don't think so.
  2. Try Installing Dx11 again and also install the latest drivers for your gpu. It also could be something wrong with the os. You could try reinstalling the os if you like.
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