GTX 770 With i5 4670k or GTX 780 with 8350

Title says it all, all I do is game. Mostly battlefield 3, of course battlefield 4 when it comes out. My monitor is 1080p. I'm asking because it would be the same price for either upgrade, thanks :)
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  1. i have a current gen i5 and to be honest im not impressed with it, doesnt overclock to well and cost more for a setup than AMD does. Id go with the 8350 OC the balls out of it and get a 780 and watch the FPS hit the roof.
  2. Theoretically, I think the 780/8350 combo would perform better as long as you overclock the 8350. For many games, it'll probably be the gpu that's the limiting factor, so going with a better gpu with an almost as good cpu is the better option.
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    "all I do is game" - the graphics card is more important for you than the CPU. Get the GTX 780.
  4. Thanks for the answers i'm going with the 780 :D and upgrade my CPU later :P
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