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Hey guys,
So I've got a Cooler Master Silent Pro 800W PSU, and I want to see if a GTX 690 would work with my PSU. I know that 800W is sufficient, and I have two 6+2 pin power connectors. I'm almost positive that I have sufficient amperage on the 12V rail (I think it's something in the high fifties or low sixties; 65 seems to ring a bell). If someone could give me a definitive answer as to whether it would work (just to check), that would be great.
Thanks in advance! :)
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    Yes , you have more than enough power.
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  3. That should be more than enough power. You could probably run that card on as low as 650w, as my friend does just that. 800w will give a nice amount of headroom, for things like overclocking, and other accesories/HDD's
  4. Power it up danny!
  5. Thanks so much guys; my apologies for not picking a B.A. sooner, but I went straight to bed after posting this.
    Thanks so much! :)
  6. It's a decent PSU and should be more than enough power.

    It takes like at least 900w to run 2 of those....
  7. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    It's a decent PSU and should be more than enough power.

    It takes like at least 900w to run 2 of those....

    Also, I've found that my PSU doesn't have enough connectors either. I would only ever consider a second if there is some sort of miracle and all of a sudden all the games are optimized for four-way SLI, or if there is another stroke of luck and NVIDIA fixes the drivers.
    What about if I added a 680 for PhysX? Unnecessariness aside, would that technically work? I know that I have sufficient connectors, but do I have sufficient wattage/amps on the 12V rail?
    Thanks! :)
  8. I top teir 850W could do it.
  9. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I top teir 850W could do it.

    As long as it involves replacing my current PSU, I would wait quite a while to do that, as I don't really want to do that much messing around right now.
    One question; this is kind of off-topic, but do you know if it is possible to have a setup with two 690s, in which three of the 680 chips are in SLI and the fourth is dedicated to PhysX? Because it seems like that would be the better setup. Three-way SLI (from what I've heard) is less buggy than four-way, and having an extra 680 dedicated to PhysX couldn't exactly hurt.
    Thanks in advance! :)
  10. No need , that is still a beast of a card.
  11. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    No need , that is still a beast of a card.

    Yeah haha, I was just curious as to whether there are other options besides four-way SLI (i.e. using PhysX) in the two 690s, since I've seen reviews that state that, in everything but Unigine and 3DMark, performance actually drops when you go from one 690 to two. That's why I was thinking perhaps three of the chips for SLI and the fourth for PhysX, just as a way to better utilize the two 690s so that they perform well.
    Thanks! :)
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