How many watts for my build?

I need a good description on how many watts I will need for my i7 4770k 3.5 Ghz Haswell processor with Nvidia gtx 660 2Gb PCI express quad-head-hdmi and 1 Tb Western Digital hard drive space, also my ram is 16 Gb (2x8 Gb) 2133 memory. If someone could give me a good estimate and maybe a good brand name it would be appreciated. I'm going to be doing gaming on this yes, I understand people will probobly say "go with a i5 3780k" or something of the sort but with newer games coming out and technology improving, newer games in the future won't be able to run on a i5 processor. <---- Yes I understand that in performance they are identical but the extra boost i7's provide will be much needed longer down the line. When the time comes also to get a newer video card I will, when I have the money to spend. All of this is going to cost me around 1,000 dollars for this build. I see a suggestion for antec so, would a Antec Basiq 500 watt be good? Also a antec earth watts 500 watt be good?
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  1. 500 watts will be good :) !!
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    I would suggest at least 500w.

    Consider Antec, Seasonic, Corsair and XFX. These brands are known for their quality and reliability. Getting a cheap PSU may cause inexplicable errors and system instability, and such a PSU may ruin components when it fails.

    Here's a couple:
  3. I'd suggest the Corsair CX500 over the Antec Basiq.

    Keep in mind that PSUs can always be reused on your next build, and that a quality PSU will almost certainly outlive your build. :)
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