i5 3570K won't hold overclock

Hey there

I have an i5 3570K that keeps stepping back to a slower clock a minute or so after booting into windows. Start up CPUz and there is my new 4.4 clock, them boom ! a few seconds it backs down. From say 44 to 42 or 41 multiplier

I running on a ASUS P877 V LK with Corsair Vengeance 2 x 4Gb 2133.

Any ideas ?

Here a my settings

AI Tweaker:
AI Overclock Tuner ► X.M.P
BCLK/PEG Frequency ► 100.0
ASUS MultiCore Enhancement ► Disabled
Turbo Ratio ► Manual
Ratio Synchronizing Control ► Enabled
1-Core Ratio Limit ►44
Internal PLL Overvoltage ► Enabled
CPU bus speed : DRAM speed ratio mode ► Auto
Memory Frequency ►2333
EPU Power Saving Mode ► Disabled
CPU Voltage ► Offset Mode
Offset Mode Sign ► +
CPU Manual Voltage ► 1.575
DRAM Voltage ► 1.50000
VCCSA Voltage ► Auto
PCH Voltage ► Auto
CPU PLL Voltage ► Auto
CPU Spread Sectrum ► Disabled
Digi power control: (Click to hide)
CPU Load-line Calibration ► Extreme
CPU Fixed Frequency ► 250
CPU Power Phase Control ► Optimized
CPU Power Dity Control ► T.Probe
CPU Current Capability ► 120%
CPU Configuration > CPU Power Management Configuration: (Click to hide)
CPU Ratio ► Auto
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology ► Enabled
Turbo Mode ► Enabled
CPU C1E ► Enabled
CPU C3 Report ► Enabled
CPU C6 Report ► Enabled
Package C State Support ► Enabled
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  1. Do you have an after market cooler? What is it? Is it seated properly? You may need to bump the voltage a bit.
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    Have you tried checking if the PC is stable under load?

    Keep CPU-Z open while running LinPack:

    Your overclock should hold steady under load, and throttle down when unneeded since Turbo mode is enabled.

    (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please)
  3. Have an aftermarket CPU cooler, cooler master , way better then stock
    OCCT shows the same as CPUz , i run stress test and it stays at the reduced multiplier

    I go back into the bios and my original clock of 44 is still there, reboot, same problem. It's not the voltage, I have gone all the way to 1.3
  4. Try disabling Turbo mode.

    Post back here with your results.
  5. If you have installed your cooler correctly, you may simply have a processor that is a bit slower than some. Did you play the overclock game?

    A set multiplier and voltage to nominal
    B run stress test Error?
    C if error, increase voltage go to B
    D if no error, increase mulitplier go to B

    You should end up at a frequency that you cannot increase any further. This is it. Also you want to keep your processor at about 80C max so don't go so high in voltage and frequency that you exceed 80C

    If desperate, you may consider de-lidding. It will allow your processor to run cooler and faster. If you want to do this, spend and hour or two watching de-lidding videos on YOUTUBE.

  6. thanks guys

    yes played the game, this is in corsair 400r with side panel removed

    Plenty of fans, the cooler is fine , it dissipates heat, 70C is the highest I have gone under stress.

    My question is what intel or motherboard setting causes the chip to ignore your hard set multiplier in the bios

    I am new to ivy bridge not OC'ing , I understand the basics ,OC plenty of socket 775s,
  7. Gave up on the bios, used asus AI software in windows, got it to 4.2 on auto, upped the voltage to 1.275, upped the multiplier to 44 , runs stable now on prime 95 at a 4.4 and something

    That will do for now
  8. Update

    My i5 does not like OCCT, I fired it up and the CPU resets to a slower clock. So no longer using this for stress testing due to this issue

    Changed my settings, ran Prime 95 for the CPU and 3D mark for the GPU. It now holds a clock between 4.4 and 4.5.

    Problem is at gaming loads it crashes, read an error message from the BIOS and it was a power issue. So I replaced the Corsair VS650 with a TX850. Now it is all sweet

    Now I realise that SLI really needs a bit more investment with a higher rated and specced PSU.

    Check my sig for specs if
  9. What are the temps?

    And you can try updating the bios to see if that fixes the bios overclocking problem.
  10. Moved to a Z77 MSI G45 Gaming Mobo as the ASUS was a loaner (nothing wrong with the AUSUS by the way) and fitted a Corsair H80i cooling solution with a balanced setting

    Holds a clock at 4.5 with temps not exceeding 70C at full load, 30 C no load. 1.355v on the CPU set manually. Fiddled with a few settings and it throttles back when there is no load.

    Happy with that, thanks for the responses.

    Ping me if your are interested in further mobo settings if you have the same Chip, mobo, Cooler setup.
  11. ...... no one has mentioned this which is defiantly causing it disable c1e c3 and c6 and leave c state on auto then enable multi core enhancement and for bettter ocing put power phases to extreme/ultra high i had the same problem and disable epu etc......
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