Tips for cleaning razer megalodon headphone cups?

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had a good solution for cleaning the headphone cups on my razer megalodon. They are the cloth kind and have a crapload of dust on them, and it's hard as hell to get out. They are detachable but I think putting them through the wash is probably a bad idea.
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    i have the same headphones. the best thing i found was tape. any tape will do (not so strong it'll rip the padding off) use like that see-through tape you use to wrap things. good luck :D

    ps: its made of Velcro so a damp towel will work a little.
  2. I also have a megalodon headphone and washed them with cold water. The end result was pretty good. The tape idea is a good idea, but in the long run you destroy the cloth with it.
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