Transferring Programs From An Old PC, Running XP, To a New PC Running Windows 7?

This seems like a rather tricky task, and I'm not even sure if it is possible. My Grandad has asked me to build him a new PC, which I can do just fine. However, on his old PC (which is ancient!) he is running Windows XP. The problem is, he wants some of his old programs to be on the new PC which will be running Windows 7 instead. I have no idea whether this can be done at all...

Is it possible to perhaps image the old HDD and 'paste' it onto the new one? The old HDD is 250GB, and the new one will be 500GB, so space isn't a problem. If so, how would I go about doing this imaging?

Would these programs also work on Windows 7? I know Windows 7 has some sort of compatibility mode which lets you run older programs, but how effective is it?

The types of programs my Grandad wants are Microsoft Works and Office, which I presume are one of the older versions like pre-2007 or something :S

Any help would be most appreciated!
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  1. you can't just copy application.
    Depend of the version, you can probably install those on windows 7.
  2. you cant carry over applications, but you can use windows easy transfer to carry over all documents, favorites and settings.

    he will need to reinstall all applications.
  3. This is when you find the original installation disks, and install fresh on the new PC.

    You can't migrate applications between PC's, and especially not between different OS levels.
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    you may consider to use programs transfer tools such as pcmover, pickmeapp.
    Another approach to run virtual xp machine inside Windows 7. ( zinstall, vmware, vbox)
    see the following review
  5. Ok, thanks for the info. I have spoken to my Grandad on the phone and it seems he doesn't have a great deal of programs that he absolutely needs to have transferred over. I'm simply going to get him Microsoft Office, and then convert all his old Microsoft Works files into compatible files with office. There's a feature which allows you to do this. I'll also use Windows Easy Transfer for any other files he needs.

    Thanks for the help!
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