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I am going to buy an i7 3770k and don't really have the money to get an aftermarket heatsink so I am wondering would the stock heatsink be alright? I would be gaming and video editing. What would the temps be.
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  1. The stock heatsink will keep it cool, as long as you dont overclock. You should get around 45-50C at loads, maybe 55C. Later on you can get an aftermarket cooler like the hyper 212 evo, but until then the stock cooler works fine.
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    Gam3r is correct, the stock heatsink will keep it cool if you keep it at stock (hence the name).

    I would recommend picking up something like a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus/Evo, as you will get 10 - 20 degree differences from the stock cooler, and is more quiet as well, in the future.

    The temps would be around 75c - 85c, and 90c under prime95.
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