White '08 MacBook plugged in but (Not Charging)

So I just bought a MacBook off of craigslist, and when I went to plug it in, it showed it as being plugged in, and it was pulling power from the magsafe, but it had the message (Not Charging). I have tried rebooting, resetting SMC, and I'm getting really worried. Do I need to replace the battery, or is this a magsafe issue? Or is this a problem with the port? Thank you to anybody who helps.
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    Sounds like it's been in storage too long and needs a new battery, but it could also be the charging circuit, or the wrong MagSafe; take it to an Apple store and ask them.

    One word of warning: if it is the battery don't try to charge it, get it checked ASAP.
  2. Must be the battery. As JustSomeJoe said it happens after being discharged for long.
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