GTX 780 best Brand of card

hi im looking to buy a GTX 780 for my birthday, and i cant decide which of the different makes is best. from looking around the web ive seen a difference of over £60 between the different makes, and am unsure as to which will offer me the best performance

what i'm looking for

power power power , im not very bothered by noise / heat as my case is very well ventilated, i want sheer performance increase (FPS) over anything else. please give me your recommendations, thanks guys
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  1. MSI Lightning is meant to be the fastest. You may have to wait a few weeks.
  2. happy late birthday :D you might want to close the thread btw
  3. EVGA classified.
  4. woltej1 said:
    EVGA classified.

    this thread is from july lol hes already bought a card by now
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