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I don't know about RAID storage, but I managed to really mess up my computer that I use for work that has RAID storage. I'm using Windows 7 and my computer was hanging at splash and wouldn't boot. After trying different things with no luck I stupidly reset system defaults. I eventually booted into Windows but now my RAID drives are all gone. I have four drives outside of the C drive, two making up the RAID 0 and two making up the RAID 1. Is there any way for me to reset the settings correctly to get the data from the system? I'm very knew to this type of thing FYI, but I'm learning. Thanks for any help. Oh, and I don't have a backup.
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    If the work pc is a standard pc one that not using a tyan or other server mb. Go into the bios and on the Sata chipset set it to raid and reboot. On reboot you should see the intel raid chipset splash come up saying hit control I to enter raid set up. You should not have to enter the raid set up the raid drives should pop back up when you go into windows. If your using a server mb check that you the onboard raid chipset turned on.
  2. Thanks for the advice!
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