First pc build turn power on the mother board and case on switch light up once I press light flashes and nothing happens

I have z77 mpower mother board I turn power on the on switch on front of case and on the mother board light up also the CMOS button lights up. Once I press either of the on buttons the CPU phase led which shows power flow to the CPU lights up then goes off leaving only the on light lit. It also shows the HDD activity light flash and go off. Help soon as possible would be appreciated :D
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    is that a new PSU? what model is it?

    I bought it new like 2 months ago only just used it my mate bought one a week after me and it worked for a couple of days and died on him could I be having a similar problem it's corsair cx750m by the way
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    Try plugging in your ram until it clicks, that happened to me when my ram was too loose. Hope it helped!
  3. With the help of the company I bought it from I conducted a paperclip test which told me the psu was not working correctly thank you for all the help though
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