What graphics card should I get for gaming? Not over Gtx 680.

I'm starting out and need some advice on a graphics card. I see a lot of discussion weather a Gtx 590 is 3x better then a Gtx 670. Also I would be fine dishing out a little extra money on a higher AMD Radeon Graphics Card if I needed to. I need some suggestion for a graphics card that will be running Skyrim+ The newer version coming out in spring (Elder Scrolls online), Battlefield 3+Battlefield 4, Crysis, Call of Duty: Ghost, Far Cry 3 etc. I know I don't have to worry about Minecraft because my 2.6 Ghz 2 Duo seems to run it at 80 Fps no problem. But my i3 with 6 Gb DDR3 ram, and 256 Mb Vram can hardly handle skyrim with medium graphics at around 40 fps. And for some strange reason it can handle skyrim but can't handle Tf2? Weird. My computer (as in my other thread) will have I7 4770k Processor with 16 Gb Corsair Vengeance ram, 1Tb Western Digital Hard Drive, and my budget? Really doesn't matter to me, I'm rather fortunate. But I'm not willing to dish out money for the GTX 680 or higher. Especially not the titan, my gaming isn't going to be THAT extreme, its going to be a 1080p 20" 24" screen. Not multiple monitors either. Mainly looking for a good graphics card for Skyrim, Battlefield, Crysis and Call of Duty, I understand Far Cry 3 has insane graphics but I'm willing to spend less to have the same graphics in the other games then spend more just to get better graphics on Far Cry.
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  1. please list system specs and budget
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    please list system specs and budget
  3. Pick a budget level and get the best card you can afford. The GTX 770 is the best value for the real high-end cards right now, with the GTX 760 a strong contender in the mid-price range.
  4. The i7-4770k is something that you would get if your doing some video editing or encoding, if your computer is strictly for gaming then the i5-4670k would be the CPU to get and the GTX 780 would be the top model to go with. The GTX 770 would also be a good choice.
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    "i3 with 6 Gb DDR3 ram, and 256 Mb Vram can hardly handle skyrim" - Yeah that is because a i3 core is a 'budget / entry level' CPU, and your using integrated video card (!!!) instead of a dedicated video card for processing only graphics. That system is more akin for the AngryBirds/Skype/Check Email and watch a Youtube video then for Skyrim. Also how Skyrim was 'coded' and the engine it runs is different (as far as I know) then the engine used for TF2, so while one may work nice one way may be a dog for the other.

    "I know I don't have to worry about Minecraft because my 2.6 Ghz 2 Duo seems to run it at 80 Fps no problem" - The 2 Duo was REPLACED by the i3 (so this is a step backwards and down), and depends what videocard is included with it. Minecraft initially was so successful because it wasn't "high end graphics" to just build blocks (yes you CAN potentially get really graphical and complex LATER, but I am talking the average casual user) and make things doesn't really need a hefty card until much later like the guy who made the Difference Engine to make realtime calculations in Minecraft. So this is apples and oranged.

    Really any 6XX is fine for High graphics gaming (I just got a 670M to replace my old 5750M) on a i7 will last your investment. If you want to shave some money then do drop down to a i5, as that will still be fine since you don't want BF4 on 2048x1900 60" 120Hz screen running at 100FPS.
  6. Well he's not willing to spend over a GTX680, as it isnt worth while for him... So no more than 350 USD i presume?

    I have a Nvidia Geforce 560Ti 1GB, and FarCry 3 seems to be pretty much a walk over for it, and Skyrim aswell really, has some small slowdown issues, but being honest rarely... Battlefiled 3 it playes fine aswell.

    btw i play at 1920x1200 Resolution on all my games.. so for you i dont think you'll have a problem!

    Check this list (Yes 560Ti i said! :p),3107-7.html

    The only problem i have is the 1GB is not enough especially for a modded Oblivion/Skyrim so i'd recommend a card to have atleast 2GB Ram! Even for you!

    check this one out its a great card that can play mostly anything on ultra and you get 2GB with this card so it will be able to run games like battlefield better
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