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Hello, I am planning a new build that features the Corsair 800D case. I will be using an EATX motherboard. I know that the case supports it, but the motherboard standoffs come in an ATX configuration. Is there a way to move them? Can I simply unscrew them and place them where the holes are? Also, does the case have predrilled holes for an EATX configuration? thank you.
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  1. If the case supports EATX boards, it will have predrilled holes for that motherboard size, and should come with extra standoffs you can add. You might need a wrench if the existing ones really have to be moved.
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    Just unscrew the standoffs in the areas that don't line up with the holes in your board, and relocate to the holes you need. They do unscrew and screw into the unused holes as needed.

    The manual doesn't say, but sometimes the holes are numbered or lettered to indicate what holes are commonly used for the different size boards.

    But it's easiest to just lay the board in the case and see what needs moving.
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