Need help I have sound problems!

I use headphones and apparently they are displayed as Speakers. I've messed around with the settings quite a bit in realtek menu and i cant seem to find the solution. I have realtek high def and nvidia high def. The sound doesnt work I cant hear anything. Ive been looking on the internet aswell and i didnt find any solution. Ive reinstalled realtek sound driver multiple times without any results. any help will be very appreciated

pc specs: amd fx 8350, 970a ds3, kingston hyperxblue 8 gb, corsair cx 430, gtx 650 2 gb
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  1. Try this.
    Go into the Control Panel, open "sound". make certain all/any nvidia high def. are listed as 'not plugged in' or otherwise disabled;
    Your Realtek sound should be listed under 'Speakers'. Make this your default device: do this by clicking on it and at the bottom click on 'set default'.
    If you have already done this, sorry for repetition, but post back and we'll try something else.
  2. Thanks for your answer but unfortunately it didnt work
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    I'm not a sound guru or master, so I don''t have a lot of advice to offer, but there are still a couple things that you can try.

    You didn't state, are your headphones USB or mini-plug?
    If they're USB, try a couple diff. USB ports. If they still don't work, open Device Manager and see if there are any question marks or warnings for any Human Interface Device (s) or USB. (I know, you've probably already done this-if so just disregard)

    You probably have already looked into this but: Restart the PC and go into the BIOS. Find the settings for sound and make certain your on-board RealTek sound is selected. There MAY NOT be anything that says RealTek or on-board sound.
    My board (ASUS Sabertooth) only asks if I want to use AC97 or HiDef sound. Choose one and boot, see if anything changes.

    Make certain that in the Windows sound mixer (speaker icon in bottom tray) the speakers aren't muted. (I know, you tried it, but every once in awhile we humans make a mistake and don't realize it and shut off our sound. Done it a few times. Windows Updates are good at doing it, too).

    Last, at least for now, try the headphones on another system; any system - stereo, t.v., game console, etc. - to make sure they are still working

    Good luck. Last person I helped we narrowed it down to a defective sound chip on the mobo, caused by a power outage. His fix was simple; a cheap sound card.
  4. I will try that thanks for the help!
  5. RanriZedd said:
    I will try that thanks for the help!

    You are very welcome. Please repost if you want some more help AND when you get it working.
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