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Hi there,

I have a YouTube account that I really want to get going over the Summer and was interested in how people generally feel about current gaming videos on YouTube at the moment i.e. What would you like to see more of? What would make videos that are current better? What annoys you about current videos? What sort of games interest YOU as a viewer?

I'm trying to get a general idea as to what style of videos I should go for and hopefully with some feedback you will help me to be able to make that decision easier.

I'm not trying to be the next "big thing" on YouTube, I merely want to entertain viewers and maintain my channel as something of a hobby.

Thanks very much,

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    First off you want to know what the viewer wants. Simply throw that idea out. You can never make videos YOU (the creator) don't enjoy.

    However if you want my opinion I am sick of all these countless commentaries, these IGN and gamestop videos (I only watch reviews, non of the bullshit), and games I picked up recently. I like videos that use video games as a vehicle to both teach, and entertain but keeping the roots of education and entertainment. I love Game Theory: (; I linked you with that cause There are various game theory videos not necessarily relevant to video games;

    To add to the list: JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, The angry Video Game Nerd, Rinry Game Game, Spoony (his FF8 review was hilarious), and the list goes on and on. Don't use videogames to cover up for you lack of creativity, instead use them to show how creative you can be. Teach me about that game and how it enriched your life, entertain me with overly exaggerating how bad a game is (5 years of just doing this and the AVGN still manages to entertain me), but again: BE YOURSELF. We all love games, so show how you want to express your love for them. If you wanna do a BO2 lets play and talk about that gameplay then more power to you, you're gonna have a nice fanbase ;). If you want to express your favorite games in a top 10 format...Go for it! Be yourself. That entertains the audience.
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