PSU fan squeaking

So I just got a new PSU a month ago and it has been pretty great aside from 1 thing.

If my PC is on for extended periods of time like 15 or 16 hours my power supply fan will start making squeking noise.

It will come and go and get loud and soft.

It just bugs me.

I don't know if the fan is defective or is just going to stop one day or if this just normal.

I have an Antec VP-450 PSU
If you need to know what it powers,

Phenom ii x2 b55 unlocked
HD 5750
5 case fans
3x2.5" hdd

Thats about it.

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    A month old, I'd RMA it..ought to be able to run 24/7 with NO squeaking
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    A month old, I'd RMA it..ought to be able to run 24/7 with NO squeaking

    Ok that will be the next step.

    Pretty sure I had it mounted wrong before.
    In my case,
    (Don't judge the pink.:no:)
    The PSU mounts on the bottom and there little stands on the bottom of the case for the PSU to sit on that left room for the fan grill and there is a vent there too.
    Stupid me didn't realize this until a month later while cleaning the case.
    So the PSU has been mounted upside down the whole time and I feel pretty dumb! :lol:

    So yea, it has been 32 days since my order from amazon for this power supply and I have no clue what their RMA situation is and I don't know how long of a manufacturer's warranty it has.

    Might as well give it a couple days and see if my mistake solves the problem.
  3. Well, drop us an update
  4. Well The flip seemed to do the trick.
    Silly me.
    Had the PC on all day working kinda hardish (Web browsing, minecraft, idling) with no squeaking.

    you get best answer sir for for helping me.
  5. And I thank you, Glad all is well, keep in touch ;)
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