Please, help me with annoying dilema

Hi there, so i decided to upgrade my old PC.

I want to buy either Atlon II x4 640 or Athlon II x4 750K, but here is the catch:

My budget is kinda tight atm and i would like to avoid spending unnecessary money as much as possible.

I already have ASUS M4A77TD ((socket AM3) AMD770 chipset) motherboard and since both CPUs costs almost the same in my country - it bugs my mind that i should buy some mATX FM2 motherboard and use 750K instead of older 640 CPU, because that would be clearly wiser judging from the future perspective.

But i would like to avoid spending those 60$ for motherboard if possible :/

So my question would be:

1) If i buy athlon x4 640 (since i got mobo for it) will it bottleneck my HD 7750, while gaming with 1280x1024 19" monitor, using 4gb ram?

2) Roughly how much more performance i would get if i'd decide to buy 750k system instead of 640 (please estimate in % if possible)?

3) What the hell would you do in my situation? haha

Thank you for your time! :)
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    fyi, Athlon II x4 750K is AMD APU without gpu
    and it is pretty weak

    use old mobo, and go with 640 or even phenom if you can afford one
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