Will a 450w power supply unit be enough for my setup?

I have a fairly decent computer (in my opinion) but the corsair GS2013 600w was faulty so I got in touch with the company I bought it from and they're sending a courier to pick it up on Thursday July 18th to then test it for faults and hopefully replace it.

I'm wondering if a 450w PSU that I already have will be okay with my setup so I can use my computer in the mean time..

My setup:
AMD FX-4130 3.8GHz AM3+ CPU
500GB Seagate HDD SATA-III
200GB Western Digital HDD SATA-II
Zotac GTX 650 AMP! Edition 2GB
LiteOn 24x optical drive
Front 120mm intake fan
Back 120mm exhaust fan

I'm basically asking if 450w will be okay, I'm willing to take out the graphics card for the mean time. I Google'd but didn't really find anything solid so I'm just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with this type of setup.
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    As long as it's a good 450w , it will do the job.
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