Dual Res 900D asrock oc Formula z87 water cooling build questions.

I am about to build my first water cooled build. I have a few questions that I couldnt find anywhere in the stickies or in the 1,123 pages I've read. So before i spend this $600 USD i thought i would consult the experts. I will post my questions then my build components.

1) I would like to run dual reservoirs, not for any other good reason than aesthetics. I really like the res setup in the red harbringer stuff, but I cant figure out how they join them. My idea was two rads, each flowing into their own res. Then each res feeding into a Y joint, then to the pump. Would this work? How will it effect flow? I imagine at that points its a gravity situation?

2) I would like to run 1/2 3/4 tubing, however the barbs on my motherboard are 3/8. Can I run 1/2 3/4 everywhere, then just 3/8 5/8 for that section of the loop... Or will that have an effect on pressure? Or can i just change the mobo barbs (asrock z87 oc formula lga 1150)? Or should i just run 3/8 5/8 throughout because the tube size really doesnt matter except for looks? Does smaller look better or cleaner? I know the size difference is probably as negligible as the temp, but I would still like to know.

3)What fittings should i pickup to properly join my two gpus?

3) What do you think of my my purchase list below? Any particular part you would trade out for another? Any fitting you like better than another? Etc, Etc... As i said this is my first water build, i would really like to place my order and have a box with EVERYTHING i need in it. Rather than have to wait 5 days for another $12 fitting to finish my build.

My components.
cpu = i7-4770k
mobo = Asrock z87 oc formula lga 1150
case = Corsair 900d
gpu = 2 780 gtx hydro copper
psu = corsair 1200i

My water component build list.
Rad = Black ICE GTX 360 3x120
Res = 2 bitspower 400ml
pump = swiftech mcp655
cpu block =EK Supremacy Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Nickel
Fittings = 2 Ek 90 degree g1/4, 8 ek regular g1/4, 2ek 45 degree adapaters, 2 barb 3/8 clamps
Fans = 3 Cougar 120x25mm hydro dynamic bearing fans.

Thanks for any and all help.. if you have a suggestion let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. there is a lot of hardware here and I would think that cooling it is the primary concern here I have a lot of hardware as well and even two reservoirs on the system but a little different configuration than the one given here but I worked on my loop a lot to end up with what I have now so please take a look at my build and ask questions

    the last 4 pages are where I am at now

    1) yes it would improve flows depending on how the cooling blocks for the components are configured
    2)with G1/4 fittings being the restriction point on most loops, there is no difference between the flow rates from 3/8ID 5/8OD to 1/2ID 3/4OD tubing but do what you like
    3)I would get a 360 monstra radiator for the GPU's loop, and I build a separate loop for the CPU alone with a 240 or 360 monstra radiator on that loop as well.
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    You should be fine with that setup. By doing so, your putting the radiators in parallel which halves the flow inside the rads (assuming they are the same), which is actually a good thing for radiators, and reduces their total restriction.
    I believe how it is done in the Cross Desk would be two 90° fittings and enough extenders to make them meet.

    The size of the tubing doesn't have an effect on performance as long as your above 1/4" ID, though I wouldn't recommend going with 1/2" then changing down to 3/8" for the mobo block. Far as I can tell, the inbuilt barbs cant be replaced.

    The card model might have some bridge solution, though really any Crossfire/SLI fitting will do fine.

    The other question 3:
    You need a fair bit more radiator space than a single 360mm rad.
    I see the name EK and the word Nickel in the same product, you might want to look up on their previous Nickel issues and their current stance on Distilled water.
  3. Why not simplify and run a normal loop with rad> res> res> pump. Then no worries or theoretical possible. Or, add second pump and separate loops. You want prime flow n pressure that's how to do it
  4. This is the order I ended up placing...

    EK Ultimate Performance CoolStream 480 XTX Series Liquid Cooling Radiator (EK-CoolStream RAD XTX (480))
    EK-MultiOption RES X3 400 - Liquid Cooling Reservoir (6 Total Ports)
    Swiftech MCP655 Variable Speed 12v Water Pump w/ G1/4 Thread Ports (Perfectly Tapped)
    cpu block
    EK Supremacy Universal CPU Liquid Cooling Block - Full Nickel (EK-Supremacy - Full Nickel)
    gpu block
    EK Geforce GTX Titan SE VGA Liquid Cooling Block - Acetal (EK-FC Titan SE - Acetal)
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