NZXT Source 210 front panel audio jack not working

So i recently put together my new rig all inside a shiny new NZXT Source 210. Looks great, performs great, so it should all be great right? No. I just recently ran into a problem where the front panel headphone jack doesnt work properly. Little audio or no audio comes out when i connect it. Today, i decided to finally pop in the driver installation disk that came with my MSI motherboard and i installed the audio driver, hoping it would fix the problem, wrong. Same thing, no audio to barely noticeable audio. If i move around the jack when my headphones are plugged in, i can hear the audio better, but its still poor. Even the driver recognizes that headphones are plugged in and removed when i do so, so its not a software problem im sure. Any help? NZXT Support said they will ship me another case for free but i dont want to have to put everything into the case and build my rig again. Ive seen other people have this problem. Tssk Tssk, NZXT. HELP!!!
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  1. Do the headphones work on other devices?
  2. PyjamasCat said:
    Do the headphones work on other devices?

    yeah, ive tried other headphones and none work when i plug it into the jack, they work perfectly with anything else, so its something wrong with the front panel headphone jack forsure
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