Black screen issue when playing first person shooters.......

Ok, I have been experiencing this issue for a while now and I am finally going to stop procrastinating because it is very annoying. Here is the deal, when I play video games (mostly first person shooters) the screen blacks out when I face or enter certain areas of the map. For example, when playing dead Island, if I face the walls in narrow corridors, the screen will go black but when I look up or move away from the wall it goes away and I can see the game again. This happens for every first person shooter btw. The game doesn't freeze or anything while the screen turns black but I cannot see a damn thing when being attacked by an enemy! :O( Also when I boot up my computer, the windows 7 logo doesn't appear(you can hear it loading up) and goes straight to the logon screen to get onto my desktop (I did not disable the boot up GUI in msconfig btw). Anybody have any suggestions? Here is my setup

Dell XPS 420
EVGA GeForce 650
Intel Core 2 Quad 6600
4 GB of RAM
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  1. That is very strange indeed.
    Do you have all software legal, games, windows? Do you have those issues from the beginning, or it appeared at some point? Is video drivers updated? And last question, which video card was installed in your PC prior to 650?
  2. Now that I think about it, this started happening when I first got the GeForce 650. My video card has the latest drivers installed and the card I had previously was a GeForce 250. I might be the video card or maybe the monitor but I don't have an extra monitor/video card to test this theory out. I got the monitor and video around the same time but I don't have the extra spares to switch them out and see. The video games run great and I have extra fans installed in the case to blow out the warm air created by the different components. IDK......
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    Do you still have old video card?
    If yes, install it, get to the oldest game, turn everything down to the crappiest setting and try just to see if this problem repeats.
    Report back.
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