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I have an older system I'm rebuilding and it uses the old DDR 400 RAM. It runs best with dual-channel stuff, and I need more than 1GB. It has 2 slots and can support a maximum of 2GB. So this makes me ask the question: What is some of the best (if not the best) dual-channel DDR 400 RAM? It is a Dell OptiPlex 170L slimline desktop, if it makes much of a difference.
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    either one of these two should work well. Crucial is actually Micron who makes an awful lot of the chips on everyone else's RAM sticks; and I have had excellent results with Corsair, top of the line stuff.
  2. I used to use a lot of corsair value select ram. never had problems with any of it.
  3. Cool. I forgot Newegg even carried this stuff. Thanks!
  4. Yes, 2GB is the max memory your desktop supports.

    Click here --> for compatible 1GB PC3200 DIMM memory for OptiPlex 170L
    The above website is providing the memory at better prices for the 1GB modules than the newegg. It may help if you are on a tight budget.

    P.S - There is no such thing as Dual Channel RAM. Dual channel is the feature which the mobo supports, usually memory manufacturers use the term to market the memory. Two memory which have the exactly same specs (Speed, CL, voltage, size etc) will do the job. But with DDR3, it is better to buy the memory in kits esp. for advanced ram.

    Cheers, mate!!:lov:
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