Friend wants an intel rig but needs help

He wants at least a i5-3570k but he's also looking into the i5 haswell because he doesn't know if hyperthreading will be needed in the future for gaming. Would he be better off with an i7 for future proof gaming?
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    At the moment HT either gives a 1-3% decrease or increase over the i5, and for me its hard to determine if it'll be used for gaming as the games need to be written to utilize HT and if games get more multi core utilized thats not exactly HT but for now an i5 will do its a very strong cpu and should last quite some time. Then again if i were to go intel i would go with an i7 just so i know i have it lol if ur friend has the money its only about $100 extra for the i7.

    Newegg has free 8gb of ram with a motherboard purchase and that will save u about $70 so pretty close to get the i7
  2. Think it's better than $40 off and these prices?
  3. The 3570K IB and the 4670K Haswell, both are quad core so they can run most any game....Don't think you'll see much of anything game wise that will exceed their capabilities anytime in the next couple years or more
  4. Tradesman, I can see that being the case. Someone mentioned that once the new 6 core intel come out that a lot will upgrade to it causing a flooding in the market with quad core CPU which, since now that is what everyone is using, will be written for in gaming. What do you think about hyper threading on the I7 (and I think i5-4670 uses it too) and future proofing for gaming? I know AMD and the new counsels and the 8 core CPU debate has been beating a dead horse, I've sat, read, and participated in a little bit and I know the games won't be using all 8 since background process will be working during gaming.
  5. AMDs 8 cores are true cores so they are used by games and apps better over HT and its more of the cores are not physically there so unless the program is written to use HT the extra cores are not used in simple terms.

    With consoles going with 8 cores and x86 cpus everyone would hope console games and pc games will utilize 8 cores better and in general multi core use but its not for sure and future proofing is rlly hard as new games are always based off new hardware and the best u can do is either go for the hope multi core use is the future or fast cores or HT use and even lets say HT and 8 cores are used in future gaming the cpus core performance will eventually be its bottleneck so it all goes to how well u want to play future games
  6. To disagree the Intel quads easily outperform the 8 core 8350 - think you've been reading the stock BNs, what most don't realize is the 8350 is already artificially OCed, they did that so they could claim it runs 1866 native - which it doesn't and isn't, the CPU is designed as a 1333 base CPU, which is why when it comes to DRAM it can handle up 1 stick per channel at 1866 - you populate all slots and DRAM management drops to 1600 and/or 1333

    put both side by side at any freq, the same freq and Intel runs away and hides from the 8350
  7. Not sure where ur bringing up the competition between amd and intel and 8350 vs i5. All i said is that the FX cores are noticed by all to most programs as where HT is only utilized by a few programs mostly rendering and editing programs, i did not say that the cores are better just because they are used, u have a valid point but talking gaming wise where 1600 ram is all u need and where HT atm is not used a game will see and attempt to utilize a fx 8 cores over a i7 8HT cores. Im pretty sure most people would know better than assume im talking fx wins just because its core count lol
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