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Recommendations for a gaming/video editing pc?

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July 16, 2013 9:16:27 PM

Im building my first pc very soon to play future games like BF4 Arma 3 etc etc. BUT, i also want to edit some cod gameplay. Before you say "oh youre editing, go intel"etc etc. This is the kind of stuff i will be editing:

The parts that had picked out were an AMD 8350, and i was planning on overclocking maybe to like 4.4 or so.
7970 OC and 16 GB RAM.

So my question is, should i get an intel processor for that type of editing, and gaming in the future, or will amd work just fine? That video was made in Sony Vegas, on a FX 4100 4-Core, 6870 OC and 8 Gig RAM. I kind of answered my own question but id like to get some peoples opinions. If you would like to see the full parts list:

$2270 in total with headset, KB+M & Pad Monitor and windows seven. I think its a good setup to last me a few years. I plan on getting another 7970 down the road.. Remember, this will also be used for GAMING. So leave your opinions Thanks! :) 

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Best solution

July 16, 2013 9:33:20 PM

Okay, so. That build should be fine. But it will also depend on what version of Vegas Pro you'll be using. (If you want the GPU to help with editing)

If it's 11 or 12 you'll be fine. But with any other version, AMD GPU's aren't the greatest to work with. (But it shouldn't affect the CPU)

But your CPU and Ram should work fine maybe even great for that kind of editing editing. I use an Intel i3 2120 (which isn't that great) with a nVidia GTX 660 and it works great so YOU should have no problem.

For gaming that's a pretty good set-up so it should be great and should last for a while (especially how you're planning to buy another GPU)

So in total, I think that build fills your needs and it shouldn't need to be changed.