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I was looking to buy a i7 3770k but i saw the i7 3930k hex core cpu and was wondering which one would be best for gaming and video editing and if 4 cores is good enough for gaming...
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    If your gaming only the 4670k or the 3570k are king for the performance/$. If you using it for video editing and other CPU intensive tasks the 3770k or even the 4770k are good options too (especially if your going to OC in the future). I just don't see the 3930k being any better at gaming than the 3770k or 4770k, IMHO. The 3930k might have a bit performance that the 3770k or 4770k, but I just don't see spending that extra on the 3930k. It might just be me, but that is how I see it. I'd rather spend the ~$100 less on the 3570k or 4670k and use the extra $ for a better GPU, but that is just me.
  2. Get a 4770k as hyperthreading would be usefull in most of the advanced game coming
    Dont go for intel-e series thats for peaople who are insane about gaming and hardware

    Best option is a 4770k with z87 board

    Go for it

    Its worth an upgrade

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  3. What all will you be doing with the system? If a lot of video editing and multi-tasking and most importantly if it's in the budget, the 3930K and X79 chipset may be a good choice
  4. 3770k for gaming and rendering.. 3570k for gaming only...
    Only go for Haswell if you are going to me rendering mere than gaming, cause their gaming performance is the same!
    I just got a 3770k and it's perfect for my needs. Gaming and 3D rendering
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