$600 Budget Gaming Rig: Need help picking a case/final check

Hallo! As the title suggests, I am on a $600 budget for a gaming rig. This will be my first self-built PC, so I'm still a little new at this. I've already spent the time and effort to research and pick out the parts that I want, however...the one essential part that I lack is the case, and I'm at a bit of a loss as to how exactly to make sure that everything fits. First off, here's my build information:

Now, the case that I'm looking at is a refurbished Diablotek RPA-0170. From what I can tell, it LOOKS like everything will fit. However, I wanted to make sure. And yes, I know it's a terribly cheap case, and getting a refurbished case is kinda lame, but I'm down to the last $47 of my budget, so I can't really afford a $90 case. Besides, I'm not really all that worried about looks anyways.

From what I can tell, this case has all of the slots that I need it to have. It may not be the best case if I wanted to upgrade significantly, but being on the tight budget that I am, I'm forced to throw a little future-proofing to the wind....and I'd rather do that with a cheap case than with a cheap CPU or Graphics Card. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.

One note on the case I have selected (just in case it wasn't obvious) comes with a 400W PSU, and I WILL be replacing that with the 520W PSU listed above to accommodate my wattage needs, and will be selling the 400W PSU.

My secondary concern (secondary not because of importance, but because I've done my research) is whether or not the parts I've chosen have any known incompatibilities, or if the parts I've chosen perhaps are better suited for purposes other than what I'm going to be using them for (basically, if I installed something that wouldn't work so well in a gaming desktop, but still might be a good part). This thread, aside from helping me confirm that the case I have my eye on will work, will also work as a last check to see if I missed anything obvious compatibility-wise (I should be fine, but surprisingly enough, I've been wrong before).

Finally, if you have any suggestions/opinions to offer on the build, feel free to put those down below as well! I've spent a lot of time putting this together, so I'd love to hear how I could have done/can do it better!

Thanks in advance for your responses! I really appreciate the help.
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  1. All of your parts look compatible. May I suggest the HAF 912 as a good case to look at?
    Your build is compatable, however, if you had room in your budget, or saw a good deal. The 4300 FX or the 6300 FX would be a better choice for the processor.
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    i'd change the mb to a ga970a-ud3, it's got a more robust power phase system... i'd step your gpu down to a 1gb version... because the 650ti BOOST isn't really fast enough to need more then 1gb of vram... I'd get a hyper evo 212 so you can actually overclock that cpu... and i wouldn't waste money on that case. Not only is it cheap, but it has terrible airflow... you can get a much better case then that. How about a Thermaltake Commander MS-I ID?

    I would look into getting ddr3 1333 ram instead, as the phii tends to be a bit unstable while overclocking with ram faster then that (take it from someone who has ddr3 1600 ram and a phii x4 965be); that said you can do what i do with it, and simply downclock your ddr3 1600 ram to 1333 speeds. works better for me like that if i want to push my overclock over 3.8ghz (seriously, can't stabilize my overclock past that point with the ram at 1600)
  3. ingtar33, wow, thank you for the helpful response! I'm definitely going to apply some of what you said to my build. I think I may buy the 1600 RAM, so I have the choice to overclock or underclock as I need. Even with my tight budget, I'd like the luxury of having that versatility. However, I do find it interesting that the Phenom becomes unstable under those conditions; I'll keep that in mind for the future and while I'm overclocking it.

    Hmm, okay then. Honestly, all I did was pick the GPU in my price range off of the latest Tom's Hardware "Best Graphics Cards for the Money". If it will save me money (and is unnecessary anyways), I'll definitely step that down.

    And actually, I had wondered earlier if I would need some kind of aftermarket CPU cooler, but it completely slipped my mind to ask once I started wading into designing my PC. I'm loving the price too.

    I'll have to take your word for the MoBo, haha. But since it doesn't particularly matter to me, so I think I shall defer to your superior store of knowledge.

    Thank you for the suggestion...I was rather hesitant to buy the Diablo case, but the one you suggest seems at least a bit better as far as quality goes. If need be, I can always upgrade later. I've seen a lot of people recommend CoolerMaster, so at least I have the assurance of knowing it comes from a reputable company.

    Kingbob, thank you for the response! I'm glad all of the parts are compatible (hopefully!). And while I actually like how roomy that case looks, I think I'll probably go with the one ingtar33 suggested, merely because the price is lower (and my budget is getting REALLY tight now). However, like always, if it's a good case I'll keep it in mind for future builds.

    All in all, thank you to both of you! You've both been a big help, and I've learned a lot as well. Hopefully I'll see you both around the forums!
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