Linksys WAG320n ADSL2+ Router - Wireless problems


I have had this router since 2011, and have had this issue since then aswell.

Is on latest firmware and running on 2.4GHz, but and at random times, the wireless goes to sh*t and only seems to do it for me, I am in the room next to the actual router, and usually get 4/5 bars of coverage, but will randomly dropped so low down that I cannot even connect to it, just did it again now, but this time, I can still connect but running on 1/5 of coverage, and I don't understand why, only thing that solves it is resetting the router.

But the laptop, for which is further away can connect and hold strong strength always, I would've thought it would be a wireless adapter issue, for which I am using the "ASUS wireless adapter" that comes with the "P8Z77-V Pro" motherboard, thing is though, before that I had a T-link PCI adapter and did the exact same thing, and have never had any other issue than this one.

I have mentioned this on the actual Linksys forums, unfortunately I received quite little assistance, but from an actual member, not staff. I don't know if its a fault that lays with the router, but the fact the laptop never has an issue makes me second guess that, I myself am using a desktop (obviously from the MB).

If anyone has a similar issue or perhaps experiencing the same and or simply just have any ideas that could resolve it, please let me know.

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  1. if that were the problem i feel like it would be your own computer's wireless card's fault
  2. Exactly! but I can't understand how every adapter I've owned has had this issue.
  3. so you've switched adapters around and always have had this problem?
  4. Yes, even my previous system, for which had a USB wireless adapter, happened with that too.

    I've never had the funds or a spare router to change that over and see the outcome, but given it happens not extremely often, maybe like once a week, I just dealt with it, I know, bad practice :P
  5. could there be a microwave or wires in the wall that can interfere between you and the router?
  6. Well, initially I thought that too, but the router is located up stairs now (new house). As far as I know, from the routers point to mine, I wouldn't think any wires would be within that area. Not to far from it is the actual switchboard for the FTTH, but that wouldn't cause an issue, not to mention, the previous house didn't have one obviously, and happened there too.
  7. you can try changing channels on your router and see if that helps
  8. Yeah, I will actually give that a shot. Thanks
  9. So, I've tried few different channels, and just them run for a bit, the problem still continued though.
  10. i have a feeling the walls have wires or insulation that is interfering with the signal which is specific to your room :/
  11. That may be true, but couldn't have always been, I've been in three separate estates, all of which, problem has occurred.
  12. how is the signal if you're right next to the router?
  13. About the same, 4/5 bars.
  14. does it drop when you're close to the router?
  15. No.
  16. wait do you have a laptop or desktop?
  17. Desktop.
  18. oh then you can't move it to where the laptop that works well is and test it?
  19. Could, but the return isn't worth the trouble, but doesn't matter, as I've had the laptop in the exact same location as the desktop, yet, desktop would still drop out, while laptop had no problems.
  20. i dont know man maybe your wireless router doesn't like you haha
  21. Haha! That's exactly how it feels. It isn't to bothersome, so yeah, but I do appreciate you're help :D
  22. I'm taking there is an issue with the Router. Dropped out 3 times today and so has the laptop, which is the first.
  23. new router time!
  24. Yeah, well, I need to replace it anyway, given it doesn't support 100Mbps connection, unfortunately, I cannot afford one as of yet. But I long for the day! :P
  25. buy a tplink pocket wifi ap LOL
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