A low buyer gaming pc for sc2 hots

I need help building a gaming pc for myself, and on a very tight budget. I want to play starcraft 2 HotS on ultra settings.
My budget is 600 or less can go a little beyond 600
I also been looking at these 2 articles and wondering which is better to run sc2 and can get ultra settings with some good fps

I live in the is and not near a mirco center

I just need the computer parts and case
Ill be reusing monitor keyboard and mouse.
Don't need os
And I'm also wondering if I could reuse my laptop storage so I don't lose a lot of information on it.
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  1. dont reuse your laptop hdd unless you are planning on reformatting the whole thing
    but here's a build that's pretty good
    you'll just need to pick a case and that should let you play sc2 hots on ultra easy
  2. Also if possible how can I lower down the price to around 500
  3. Best answer
    that's with a case
    but be sure to buy a case that you would want to wake up to every morning
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